Jam Cruise 13 Adds Mushroom Jazz and Percussion Workshop

For the past three years, Mark Farina and Nutritious have been bringing their Mushroom Jazz magic to San Francisco. Now, Nutritious and Farina are sharing their special blend of downtempo, trip hop, hip hop, acid jazz, funk and house music with Jam Cruise. Their extraordinary ability to vibe off each other behind the turntables translates ecstatically to the dance floor and encapsulates the spirit of Jam Cruise perfectly. 

Jam Cruise 13 is also proud to welcome The String Cheese Incident's Jason Hann as special guest on board! His dynamic percussion playing/drumming, lighthearted spirit, and infectious smile will light up the Divina.

Artist collaborations are one of the distinctive highlights on board Jam Cruise year after year. Now that Jason is sailing with us, the seas parted and a we-know-it-will-rock Percussion Workshop immediately came together. Take three masters of their trade and we've got the makings of amazing inspirational beats. The combined energy and talent of Jam Cruise veteran Mike Dillon, Jason Hann and Thievery Corporation's Congo Sanchez will most certainly culminate in a unique, interactive, and lively experience.