Conscious Cruising

The Jam Cruise Conscious Cruising program works with Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People to help offset carbon emissions from travel to Jam Cruise and to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Positive Legacy & Conscious Cruising teamed up for Jam Cruise 16 programs and initiatives to get cruisers involved and maximize onboard recycling. Thank you to all the volunteers who passed out pocket ashtrays, educated passengers on our sorting stations, and helped out with the GreenWill Costume Exchange plus other greening & giveback programs.

Jam Cruise is proud to align with Norwegian Cruise Lines as environmental stewards with a core company value of Environmental Protection. Learn more about Norwegian's environmental practices including its Eco-Smart Cruising program and recent Gold William M. Benkert Marine Environmental Protection Award in the foreign vessel category.

Jam Cruise 16 Recap

Read more about the 2018 initiatives in the tiles below and stay tuned for details about ways to be a Conscious Cruiser in 2019.
Our strategy for maximizing onboard recycling is to send as much sorted material to the ship's waste and recycling room as we can. When we put waste in its proper place by sorting aluminum, glass, compostable cups, and other recycling, we assist the ship’s staff as they go through every bag sent below deck for processing. All the beer cups are compostable and can be put in the compost stream of the sorting stations. Big thanks to the Jam Cruise 16 Brews at Sea Sponsors for the cups made from plant materials. Keep it green, Jam Cruisers!
Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly by offsetting the emissions from your Jam Cruise travels. Your carbon offset donation not only helps reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but also provides tangible support to families in Central America and Haiti. Donations support rural communities by supplying cleaner, more efficient cook-stoves and funding tree nurseries that provide more trees for those communities. Some of these trees will be used for firewood and fruit production, while others will remain for the duration of the trees' life, sequestering carbon and creating healthy soils and watersheds. You can offset your carbon footprint by making a donation when booking your Jam Cruise 17 reservation.
Jam Cruise 16 onboard programs included the GreenWill Costume Exchange for cruisers to up-cycle their costumes and exchange them for fun new outfits and accessories. Positive Legacy & Conscious Cruising also teamed up for the Conscious Cruiser Passport initiative which used stamps to encourage participation in giveback & greening programs. The Good Doctor's Cocktail Hour provided Jam Cruisers an opportunity to ask questions about the cruise industry and its impacts on the environment while enjoying free beers from Brews at Sea sponsors.