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Jam Cruise 12

January 4-9, 2014 • MSC Divina
Miami, FL • Falmouth, Jamaica • Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Jam Cruise 12 was a year of changes, as we moved from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, and from MSC Poesia to the MSC Divina. Also new was the Masters Camp at Sea Program, giving Jam Cruisers a chance to learn from musically and interact with a handful of participating artists. After two days at sea we stopped in Falmouth for some fun that included the Positive Legacy Day of Service, local eats, and excursions that fed our adventurous side. We then spent two more days at sea sailing through the Bahamas before we eventually made our way back to PortMiami to wrap up another memorable Jam Cruise! The performances to remember were-a-plenty, including sets from Thievery Corporation, Les Claypool's Duo De Twang, Bootsy Collins and the Funk Unity Band, Lotus, Gigantic Underground Conspiracy, Warren Haynes, and many more! Jam Cruise 12 also featured a ton of themes and activities, including the WTFunk Games, Purple Night and Jamcousteau/Underwater Night, as well as the first ever JAM Talks with Rob Garza, Wheel of Fortune Cookie with Col. Bruce Hampton and John Popper, and yet another Ivan Neville Texas Hold 'em Tournament.

Jam Cruise 12 Lineup

Les Claypool's Duo De Twang • Thievery Corporation • Bootsy Collins & The Funk Unity Band • Warren Haynes • Galactic • Karl Denson's Tiny Universe • Robert Randolph & The Family Band • Lotus • The Wailers • Keller Williams • Keller & The Kimocks • Gigantic Underground Conspiracy • Conspirator • Lettuce • Dumpstaphunk • John Popper & DJ Logic w/ George Porter Jr., Stanley Jordan, and Adam Deitch • The New Mastersounds • ALO • Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) DJ sets • Anders Osborne • MarchFourth Marching Band • Orgone • Pork Tornado • Bonerama • Robert Walter's 20th Congress • The Revivalists • Monophonics • Mike Dillon Band • Eric Krasno Band • Everyone Orchestra • Alan Evans Super Jam • DJ Logic • Luke The Knife • Beard-o-Bees • D-Hastie • Skerik's Bandalabra • Solo Performers: Stanley Jordan, Nathan Moore • Special Guests: Cyril Neville, Bill Evans, Will Bernard, Alecia Chakour, Allie Kral, Jennifer Hartswick, Chris Chew, Roosevelt Collier, Joel Cummins, Tom Hamilton, Zach Deputy, Dela, Paul Hoffman, Anders Beck, Billy Iuso, Terry McDermott, Jans Ingber • Masters Camp at Sea Featuring: Victor Wooten, Butch Trucks, Luther Dickinson, Cody Dickinson, Col. Bruce Hampton, Kofi Burbridge

Jam Cruise 12 Aftermovie

Jam Cruise 12 Press

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Bootsy Collins, Lotus, Porter-Kimock-Magner-Hamilton-Kimock and Stealth Electron Highlight Jam Cruise - Day 4 (January 8, 2014)
Warren Haynes, Lettuce, Galactic and More Bring Jam Cruise to a Close - Day 5 (January 9, 2014)
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