Music Overview

Step on board and get ready for the most unique music experience of your life! Jam Cruise features an eclectic lineup of artists performing at multiple different venues, each with their own distinct vibe. Not only does music play nearly around-the-clock on each of the main stages, but you can also see your favorite artists perform at exclusive Jam Cruise venues.

From the legendary Jam Room and Jazz Lounge to intimate piano sets in the Atrium, there is no shortage of amazing places and spaces to find music during Jam Cruise. Plus, with this many amazing artists on one ship, you never know where you'll stumble upon an epic jam sesh...

Relive the special Jam Cruise 17 sets below and don't forget to pre-book your spot onboard Jam Cruise 18 today! 

What started as an outlet for artists to collaborate in an open, relaxed atmosphere has turned into a staple of the Jam Cruise experience. Each night the Jam Room features a different host to lead the musical direction and invite various musicians up to the stage to improvise in true Jam Cruise fashion.

Jam Cruise 17 Jam Room Hosts:

George Porter Jr • Big Sam • Dave Watts  • Kelly Finnigan • Isaac Teel • Chris Littlefield

Before the Jam Room even existed, a Jazz Jam was held on Jam Cruise 2. Memories of these magical moments came together to create the Jazz Lounge, which officially began on Jam Cruise 13. Now a Jam Cruise nightly tradition, the Jazz Lounge is a place for artists to push the boundaries of jazz and jam. Check out the Jazz Lounge, as we transform a room onboard into a hotspot venue with an old school speakeasy vibe.

Jam Cruise 17 Jazz Lounge hosts:

Alan Evans • Erica Falls • Erik Deutsch

Piano Sets offer fans the special opportunity to see some of their favorite artists in an intimate setting as they perform on the ship's grand piano. Artists often dig deep into their catalog to bust out rarely played tunes of their own as well as exciting and unexpected cover choices. These may be billed as "solo sets," but it's not uncommon for some special guests to join in as well. Centrally located in the Atrium, this up-close-and-personal venue creates a cozy vibe that unites the Jam Cruise community onboard.

Jam Cruise 17 Atrium piano sets:

Ivan Neville • Melvin Seals • Zach Gill • Rob Marscher • Chris Spies

This year we introduced a Pickin' Lounge for some late night bluegrass improvisation. 

Jam Cruise 17 Pickin' Lounge Hosts:

Vince Herman & Mimi Naja

Tribute to The Band
Daniel Rodriguez Solo
Thorn-Stickley Duo
Lyle Divinsky Solo
The Whole Other
Natural Selectah feat. Congo Sanchez