Positive Legacy

Positive Legacy, the 501(c)(3) not-for-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures, is committed to integrating live music and service by taking actions that positively impact the communities we visit. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. The goal is to develop service activities that people can participate in to bring a deeper sense of purpose to their travel experiences and the music surrounding it.

Jam Cruise 17 Recap

Positive Legacy creates meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects to support the local community. Read more about the 2019 initiatives in the tiles below or get the full in-depth report from our adventure by visiting Positive Legacy's website.

Special shout out to everyone who participated in the eco adventure in Progreso, Mexico! Our eco adventure took us to the local Kite Surfer’s beach, where we worked hard to clean up the beach and were able to pick up 1,100 lbs of trash! After the cleanup we went kayaking and enjoyed a delicious, local lunch under a shady palapa. Thanks to everyone who joined us, we appreciate your efforts in making a positive impact on the Progreso community!
Thank you to the many artists and fans that engaged in the Day of Service & Community Connection in Belize! We had such a great time visiting the protected space, comprised of 7 villages that voluntarily work to protect the wildlife. We enjoyed a nature tour learning about the local flora, fauna and the history of the village people who have lived harmoniously with the howler monkeys (called baboons by the locals). We worked hard to improve the community’s welcome center and primary school by landscaping the Museum welcome center, painting buildings, laying piping for new plumbing, mixing and pouring concrete for a new pathway to make the facility more accessible and leveling surfaces. 

After our work we enjoyed a delicious, locally sourced lunch. We celebrated with primary and high school students while enjoying music from Daniel Rodriguez, Turkuaz, and local musicians who run a nonprofit called Drums Not Guns. The memories of leaving a positive legacy won't be fading any time soon!
We would like to thank everyone who participated and bid in our charity auction, helping us raise $27,700 for our grant funding! Winners of the silent auction took home autographed photos donated by Dave Vann & Josh Timmermans, custom psychedelic pieces by Stanley Wellington, Jarred Trantham’s custom Lost Sailor Leather pieces and many more unique items. A special thanks to Sweet Lillies for gracing us with their sweet music during the silent auction. If you're interested in donating an item for the JC18 auction, please contact Positive Legacy directly. 
Our heartfelt thank you to Matt Butler for orchestrating an improvisational journey in commemoration of the Positive Legacy and Greening achievements on Jam Cruise 17! This year’s lineup was top notch and we’d like to thank all of the talented musicians for participating.
  • Everyone Orchestra, conducted by Matt Butler
  • Steve Kimock
  • Jeremy Salken (Big Gigantic)
  • Zach Gill (ALO)
  • Dan Lebowitz (ALO)
  • Tikyra Jackson (Southern Ave)
  • Josh Schwartz (Turkuaz)
  • Shira Elias (Turkuaz)
  • Sammi Garett (Turkuaz)
  • Josh Fairman (Sunsquabi)
  • Adryon de Leon (Orgone)
  • Sunshine Becker (Melvin Seals & JGB)
  • AC Carter (TAUK)
Thank you to all the Jam Cruise patrons who traveled responsibly by helping us offset the emissions impact which our wonderful cruise boat outputs. It is not too late to contribute $15 to Trees Water & People to make your positive impact!