Theme Nights

Theme Nights are a Jam Cruise tradition, an opportunity for Cruisers to unleash their creativity and show off their costumes and festive spirit. Themes have included everything from Orange Night to Party Animals, Cirque du Funk to Yacht Club, and almost everything in between!

The Jam Cruise 16 Theme Nights have been announced!
Read on for more details and start planning your costumes for our next adventure at sea.

...there was an enchanted vessel home to fairytales, fables, and fantasies. In search of the most legendary jams, these stories came alive aboard an epic quest across the seas. Alas, at days end, this fantasy would soon be done, but all the more reason to have some fun! Bring your imagination to life, you are cordially invited to a fairytale for the night.
We’re blasting this interplanetary party to a time and place beyond measure. Join us on a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the colors of the cosmos, constellations, and galaxies that will inspire this far out theme night. Whether you’re a moon booted space invader, intergalactic explorer, or local Martian, we are all made of stardust so let’s light up the night!
Harness the energy of the sun and let your creativity run wild for the Jam Cruise 16 color night - YELLOW. They call it mellow yellow, except this night will be anything but dull! Let your soul shine with this vibrant, positive hue… After all, no one shines quite as bright as Jam Cruisers - especially when we are all together!